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BriSCA F1 Stock Car Racing

F1 world 2005 180.jpg
Tom Harris lines up for the World Masters race
305 tractor pits.JPG
305 car towed into the pits
305 tractor track.JPG
Carlos,s car gets towed into the middle after the heavy roll
365 tyre.JPG
365 Barry Stephens back wheel got pushed into the siderail
h007 271.JPG
271 Mark Keeling pushes H007 wide
h007 wins.JPG
H007 celebrates in style fist out of cab and smokes the tyres
h007 with cup.JPG
H007 Dave Schapp with the World Masters trophy
h32 skids.JPG
H32 gets pushed into the cars on turn 1
1 at speed.JPG
1 Fwj at speed going past 180 Ray Witts
1 first race.JPG
Fwj first race as number 1 speeds past 321
1 parade lap.JPG
FWJ on parade lap with the trophy
73 h26.JPG
73 & H26 tangle on turn 1 & 2
91 smoke.JPG
91 tangled with H29 and Tony floored his car to get back on track
180 2 391.JPG
180 being pushed by 2 & 391 as 212 moves over
276 h75.JPG
H75 tangles with 276 Mark Poole
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